Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Damned Routine

I must warn you that this post is going to be long compared to others that I've written, that's just cause I'm feeling really crappy, listening to sad songs and trying to just write away my feelings.

   Life is usually monotonous yeah? I mean, we usually have everything planned out for us, from primary school to secondary school to the university, and then we go for youth service, then we start working, earn six - eight figures, and then we get married, give birth, then our children start the miserable routine all over again while we whither and die. That's how it usually is nah, shey?
   They how come I have absolutely no idea where my life is headed, not one! Do I go for the youth service or go for my masters? And after that what next sef? And do I really want to be an Estate Surveyor and Valuer? HAHA! It was all my father's idea not mine. Is this all? Is this all life has to offer? I have absolutely no idea, I don't want to "get a job" because it's next on the list, I want to get a job when I feel like! Why can't I continue living with my very accommodating father? He won't mind.

   You see, I am considered weird in some factions, because, well, I'm kinda different, I think I am, 'cause I've heard my friends having normal conversations with other people and it sounds nothing like a "normal" conversation with me, so maybe it's 'cause I'm different........... kinda.

   So maybe that's why these strange thoughts are passing through my head, I'm one of those people who wants to make a living doing what they love, but I'm not a writer, I mean, I write, I love writing, some people claim I'm good at it even though I do not think so, but that doesn't necessarily make me a writer. I've read blogs, articles and all kinda stuffs and I've seen real writers write while I read and get goose bumps all over, I'm pretty sure no one gets goose bumps reading any of my works, and besides, I don't use all the big words, satires and other stuffs real writers use, so yes, I clearly don't have a future in writing.
     I want to work at a radio station, I love that, sounds fun yeah? And I hear it's really lucrative now, you just ask Toolz and N6, and I speak English fluently and I also listen to music like crazy, problem is, well, so do hundreds of other people with more "americanized" voices and way better nicknames, I mean, I may speak fluent English, but certainly not "americanized", and I hate parties! God! I feel really uncomfortable around strangers, really, I'm a chronic loner. So that's it, that's all, what else do I love doing? Dancing? Haha! Let's not even go there.

      And MARRIAGE! That's next in line yeah? That's what we usually do after securing a good job, haha! Marriage!
Let me just clarify before I clarify, It's not that I don't believe in marriage, I do, I mean, I'm a good christian & a very spiritual one at that, the problem however is what the society has turned the concept of marriage into, you see, like I stated earlier, I'm a loner, a chronic one, I absolutely love being alone, I hate stress! The problem with marriage is simple...... Women nag, a lot, most of you will deny that you don't, but considering that I've had two mothers, a big mummy, and several aunties, I know better, and I hate being nagged. Besides, the concept of sticking to one person for the rest of my surely-to-be-very-long life? AHHHH! E hard small!!! I'm not promiscuous, oh no, I've done that thing fewer times than the number of goals Torres has scored in Chelsea, but it just sounds so damn difficult, I want children tho, plenty, I love children, and no, I'm not a pedophile.
   Another problem is, I don't want to grow old, no, I don't want to live forever "perhaps the best news I've heard about life is that it ends" (thanks Sam), yes I want to live long, very long! But I don't want to grow old, I don't want to have wrinkles, lose my close to perfect hearing abilities, my already rapidly-declining eyesight,  I want to be young forever, not forever, just for the rest of my life.

     So yes, you see my predicament, my "issues", what's on my mind. But I'm almost certain we all have the same issues, that we all have something like this going through our minds, and we'll just do what everyone else has been doing about it, NOTHING! We'll just follow the damned routine.



  1. A nice piece, really. but it's not really about following the damn routine, it's all about making a routine for yourself. As you noted yourself. :)

  2. crazy piece this.... brilliantly hilarious i must confess. I was skeptical about your ability to engage for longer reads but you pulled it off quite deftly. *thumbs up bro* *marked for printing* B+