Friday, 6 July 2012



I'm a student (durhh), I hate school (double durhhh).
Yayy that was funny.
I'm sorry, I'm silly, I know.

     Yes! 99% of us hate school, very much, classes at least if not the school itself. And the remaining 1%? Well...... they're dead.
       I personally hate school an awful lot (I use "awful lot" an awful lot don't you think), no I'm not lazy, I mean, okay maybe I am, but that's not why, from Primary to Secondary to this damned shithole called a University.
         I had mad fun in primary school, I don't remember any of it tho so I'll just move on. But it's me, I must have had mad ass fun, pretty sure I would have hated it anyways 'cause it's school (triple durhhhh).
        Secondary school *sighs* MAD FUN!!!!! Had the craziest friends ever, did the craziest things, (I'll fill you guys in one day don't worry). Thing is, amidst all the "mad fun", I still hated it, why? My teachers were angels from hell! They used to flog the living daylights out of me, and I wasn't stubborn oo, oh no, *dusts halo*, they were just mean and enjoyed beating me sha :(. And those seniors too, with all their lie down fat, belt whipping, floor scrubbing, courtyard sweeping, morning duty, frog jumping, pole climbing punishments, *sighs*, sad memories, I hated them! And one used to make me wash his boxers!!! Imagine! that's equal to violation! Isn't it worse than being anally raped? Now you see why I'm so awkward. :(.
       And the king of the pain-in-the-butt routine.... University! And I went to add sand sand to my garri by choosing O.A.U., SAD!
       I got in happily in part1, thought it was like secondary school so I didn't read the O.A.U. way, (my roommates for reasons best known to them would disagree with that last statement), I didn't even know how about GP (yes, my elder ones are plain evil and didn't care enough to orientate me) I don't have to tell you that I messed up majorly, oh no, I didn't fail :p (HAYTAHH!). Then second semester came, started reading like crazy, and guess what, results became worse! (still didn't fail tho, :p I still haven't till now, hooorbii), one would have expected I reaped the fruit of my labor, yeah right, isn't it O.A.U? I have friends who have hd extra since part2 (purely fictitious oo remember, please don't punch me if you think this is about you, it's a coincidence, I'm sorry).
       On a serious note, it isn't just my school, some people's secondary school were way worse than mine, some were abused for real (yes, my friends and I are that damaged) (shhh, fictitious). Heard a dude committed suicide in UNIBEN, one tried to drink Hypo after failing UTME in O.A.U predegree, even a friend of mine was contemplating suicide here in O.A.U.
       But it's school for Christ's sakes, not that it should be fun or anything but it definitely shouldn't be this much of a burden, I'm not saying we shouldn't be serious or anything but we all watch foreign movies, we see how college is over there, why is it so hard over here? Who says we can't learn and have fun doing it? We are young, we just want to  have fun while we still can, have the time of our lives, is that too much to ask for?


  1. I definitely agree with you:::::

  2. If universities were to be like secondary schools I definitly would have slapped some of my lecturers and change to another one