Tuesday, 25 December 2012


         One question I always ask a particular ridiculous friend of mine is “who sets these standards?” From the look of things, this write-up will be quite similar to IT’S A GAY WORLD, because that’s what Nigerians say every time you do something that is quite different from the “norm” and the crap everyone is used to.
   A few days ago, I tweeted “Taylor Swift’s new album is amazing” and the loooooovely reply I got was, as usual, “YOU’RE GAY!” *sighs* I thought to myself, does the music I listen to define my sexuality? I was very confused so I decided to throw the question out to the general public (just a few hundred followers actually) and the dude who commented on the previous tweet replied again and said “yes, listening to Taylor Swift, especially if it’s the whole album”.
   My Subgroup head in my fellowship wears these very skinny skinnies, he even has this very blue one that’s brighter than the skies ۳( º̩̩́_º̩̩̀)۳ , he passed by me and a friend of mine this fateful day and my sadly ignoramus of a friend asked if my oga was gay (Oga Godson if you’re reading this, I’m really sorry, please don’t punish meL) (yayy! I didn’t know Microsoft word had smileys J L hehehe). Then the next question my friend asked that why would a fellowship executive wear skinnies not to talk of a colorful one, that what example is he setting for the members of the fellowship?
   A particular night, a friend tweeted (yes, I have very ignorant friends :’[) something like how guys shouldn’t be listening to slow songs, that songs like that are meant for girls, so my humble self asked that does that mean we can’t listen to songs by Adele, Usher, Rihanna or even Chris Brown. The reply I got, which was still shocking despite the fact that I expected it, was “yes”.
    One of the adults at the church I attend at home asked what fellowship I was attending in school, when I told her, she told me that I must leave my fellowship and that I should attend the fellowship of our church, or I should attend TACSFON or Baptist Student Fellowship. That my fellowship is a new generation church and that I wasn’t going to grow spiritually.
    It’s funny how people who do not matter tend to have daunting influence on the day-to-day decisions we take, like, the way we dress, our speech, and so many other things. How you are judged for not being “current”, for not dressing fly and shii, by people who should not even have a say in our lives, people who should be tied to a huge rock and thrown in the ocean ( ˘˘̯) .
   That’s where the ultimate question comes in, WHO SETS THESE STANDARDS? Who says I should not listen to Adele if I’m a guy? That my very straight, very diligent, and very spiritual Oga shouldn’t put on very colorful and bright jeans? I’m very confused.
   I remember a day I was reading an article online where they were asking musicians their favorite album of the year 2011, and a very bad-boyish, straight head of a rock band said Adele’s 21, that when he’s on his motorcycle, he plugs his earpiece in his ears and just tunes out. If you dare say that in our dear country, they’ll call you gay for the rest of your dear life. I admit, I’m not the ‘manliest’ of guys, but c’mon! How does the kind of music I listen to determine if I like to dish it out to guys??? Just how??? People, please, the way we dress or the music we listen to doesn’t necessarily reflect our sexuality!
   And I may not be the most spiritual person around, but telling me to leave my fellowship because it’s new and automatically judging that I’d grow spiritually because a fellowship says girls shouldn’t put on trousers is just plain wrong! Is it not the same God? What’s the guarantee that I’ll even grow at all? Well, I’ll leave with my three favorite words (no, not “are you retarded?”) IT IS WELL.


  1. I really love this article. You took the thoughts right outta my mind.

  2. Niyi u're a freaking Retard!! Especially since I kno d background to dis article. Lwkmd!!