Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Errrm.... considering that the few friends I have are awfully close, I should just be diplomatic and post my brother's or sister's picture instead....... but that would be a lie, and I hate lies

      Meet AK, he's my best friend, he knows. Now one makes me laugh half as much as he does, he's the only one that makes me laugh when I'm angry or/and sad(which happens a lot). You see, we grew up together so he's more of a brother. I hate him 'cause the goat is so gonna gloat when he sees this, he's worth it tho. No, this is not gay, if that crossed your mind you are a castrated cow! He's my bruv.

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  1. let me be the 1st to post a comment, just saying "thanks" ....and saying you cud have put a better pic.....cheers!!