Monday, 2 July 2012



  Chose this one because my childhood was filled with a lot of this, hell, my siblings still tease me that I'm adopted (I'm the last child), not that there's anything wrong with being adopted, it's just the way they say it that makes me feel so bad! And my insane friends too :( they don't help matters, they were the ones who started the crap, saying because I'm dark and everyone else is fair, and that I'm ugly and everyone else is fine. I know I'm not adopted sha, even though I do not have any, not even one childhood picture, and my Birth Certificate got lost and they had to make another one when I was about to gain admission into secondary school, I know I'm not, why? I'm what you call a chip off the old block, a carbon copy of my father, my biological father!!! I even got my writing skills from him sef, so yerr, fuck you Junior, Ak, Gem, Tolu, I'm not adopted!

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