Sunday, 1 July 2012


   Hope I spelled challenge right, anyways, I came across this in one of my stalking fiesta, particularly on excoolnerd's blog, (she's awesome, I wish she would write more often) and I kinda stole the idea.
   It's a photo challenge where you post a picture based on a particular theme previously stated, she wrote her themes on a picture, but considering how wack I am, I'll just state them here........ I'm sorry.
July 1: Words to live by
       2: Stolen DP
       3: Funny picture
       4: Someone who makes me laugh
       5: What I ate for breakfast
       6: A sad picture
       7: My hair
       8: My favorite football club
       9: I can't go a day without this item
       10: Weird super hero
       11: Nails
       12: Favorite shirt
       13: Inside my bag
       14: Something old
       15: Something new
       16: Something borrowed
       17: Makes me smile
       18: Favorite shoes
       19: Now playing
       20: Tweet favorite
       21: A ridiculous buy
       22: Favorite picture of self
       23: 7pm
       24: One gay thing in my life
       25: Something I wish I was eating
       26: Makes me angry
       27: A stupid picture
       28: iWish
       29: Drool
       30: Last movie I saw
       31: Embarrassing turn-on
  And that is all! Kinda  fun tho don't you think? :D.

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