Wednesday, 20 July 2011

ABBS (Abbreviations)

Okay, so I've been waiting for sum1 to tackle this issue, but its either that people are scared or that its not as annoying to other people as it is to me. So I've decided to take it up myslf! Take d horn by the bull, or cow? Or sumfn sha, u get my drift. (Yes! I'm bad like dat hehehe).
Well, we're in d age of the 'internet craze' where every tom, dick and musibau has an access to the internet, so to make typing easier (emphasis on the word 'easier'), people came up with different abbreviations for phrases commonly used, for example: LOL (laugh out loud), SMH(shaking my head), HBD(happy birthday), RME(rolling my eyes), TTYL(talk to you later), BRB(be right back).... The list goes on, kmt, lmao, rotfl, stfu, btw, dnd, wtf, blah blah blah.
That's not d point I'm trying to make, these ones actually make sense considering the fact dat I use dem a lot (I can't criticise wot I use nah :p). But there are some that are... what's d word..... downright, out of the world, unimaginably, un-fucking-believably, STUPID!!! (Pardon my french still).
I mean, what in d world is LLNP??? Who d hell came up with dat??? I mean, LLNP? When I asked wot it actually means dey said Long Life and Prosperity..... Excuse me??? Do pple use dat often dat it deserves an abb, y don't we just come up with one for hip hip hurray and call it HHH! -___- Gawd!
As if dats not bad enuf, I saw on twitter recently 'ROTFCOPTER' yes! I'm just as puzzled as you are! I won't even comment on that, it turns my stomach.
Moving on, there r some abbs that r meant for particular sites, like CYDM, OOMF for twitter, DP, PM for bbm etc. I actually saw sum1 use OOMF(one of my followers) on fcbk, yes! Can u imagine???
I must say we're in d end times, 'cos y else wud pple come up with ROTFCOPTER or use oomf on facebook. Please peeps, let's try as much as possible to use these abbs with sense, please ehn. Thanks! TTYL. #okbye.

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