Monday, 18 July 2011

I hate OAU

Its my first post on this blog and what other topic is worthy of d honour if not my hatred for this damned skool! This post will probably be long 'cos I hate this skool a lot.
What other skool do you have 7:00 am classes almost evryday, even on Saturdays!!! My sister says the foundation upon which the skl was built is cursed, and frankly I'm of dat opinion too, or y else wud I score 36/40 in a test and still end up scoring 47D in d same course, y??? After reading my brains out!!! I almost cried after seeing that result, thnk God twas a 2unit course. And Archi too, I prefer to keep my lips sealed about that 'slavish' course.
And my department doesn't even help matters, I'm studying Estate Management (ESM) btw (by the way[for dose not familiar wit deir abbreviations. Hehehe]) offering courses from evry faculty in skl, evn offering AEC & ECN in d same semester, tell me who does dat??? Such fuckery (pardon my french). Its exams season so evryfn is much worse, wrote a paper last week and d professor taking the course told us he wasn't going to set a particular aspect which had to do with calculation, we didn't even take calculators to d exam hall, on getting dere, d 1st question (which was compulsory) was d stupid thing, carrying a whole 30marks! Chai, if I were a girl ehn, I wudda cried there (a girl actually did). If ure his spy & ure reading dis, I didn't insult him oo, I didn't talk about his pot-belly, didn't mention his black teeth dat rhymes with his body, or even ao much he loves d female gender. I didn't oo. Lol(if u don't knw d meaning u shud go back to d 1720's).
I shudda just gone to study my ESM in Unilag, Covenant or U.I sef. Had to bring my big head here.
And its not just d academic aspect, Omole aka Omo-Ole (I didn't form it oo, I heard it too ni) has decided to start his tenure on a notable form, no lite & water, so we av to start carrying bb chargers to Sleek & Fivers just to charge d thing.
The skool has its good side too oo, I remember seeing one yamayama secondary skl mate of mine, she wanted to doti me dat day ehn, tot I hadn't gotten admission, was formin UNAB for me, msheww, wen I told her I was in OAU, she cudnt talk again, as in literally speechless. I won't mention her name just incase she sees this.
Anyway, the skl is just too wahalaish, and people can stare!, I want to believe people knw me(man must make himslf hapi nah) but dey don't knw my name sha.
This thing is o'redy getting too long so let me just end it here, I love the skool oo, but I still hate it sha.
Feel free to leave ur comments about ao much u love/hate ur skl too.

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