Sunday, 14 August 2011

Its a Gay World.

Woww! Not posted anyfn here in like a month, things have been crazy!!! My exam timetable was awful, I had like 6 courses back to back, blogging was the last thing on my mind, took a break from twitter sef which I thought wud av been IMPOSSIBLE.
Well now I'm back and I hope I avnt lost touch cos I haven't written anyfn in a long while.
I was recently thinking on what to blog about and I was writing 'potential' topics in my jotter when a friend saw me and asked what I was writing and I told him about my blog, d next thing the block-head said was that blogging's gay............................. Excuse me!?
I thought to myself, what a perfect topic to write about, how everyfn is so gay now, u tweet too much dey say its gay, u ping too much dey say its gay, u listen to only foreign music dey say its gay, u wear pencil jeans or skinnies they say its gay, watching E! is gay, every damn thing is gay! Like what d fuck isn't gay now? Cos I don't wnt to seem gay I shud start listening to the shallow excuse for music TerryG sings (that's not music sef) I shud start puttin on baggy and end up looking like sum1 dey pushed into a sack? I shud start watching the famous African Magic that reduces ones IQ at a record breakin rate?! What exactly shud I do?
I have this pink plimsoles dat I love, I wore it to a friend's room one day and his roommate said I was............ wait for it........ *drumroll* GAY!!! Well I told him never to call me that if he hasn't caught me and his dad in bed together, yes I did! And he just went speechless (I usually av dat effect on pple ;) :D) And what's with d 'gay' thing sef?, is dat meant to be an insult?! Bunch of homophobes! Not my readers tho, u guys r d best. :* *yimu*

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  1. Lol.abi,evrytin one does is gay.its kinda annoying.luv ur writings.they always put a smile on my face.(did i sound gay?mscheeww,dnt care)